Sustainable Infrastructure in Texas. Where do we stand?

The United States has some 112 Envision-registered or -verified projects as of mid-2021.

Texas, despite having such a large economy, so much infrastructure, and so much potential, only has five of that total. Three are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area up north; one in Houston; and the last one in San Antonio. A wastewater plant, two water district pipelines, and two city street improvements.

The current five Envision projects in Texas (mid-2020). Map courtesy of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure

The three Verified Envision projects in Texas appear in blue above; two in north Texas, one in San Antonio:

The two Registered projects in Texas are in the state’s two largest cities:

  • South Lamar Street improvements Dallas
  • Kowis Street improvements Houston

California leads the nation with 27 Envision projects with New York state in second place with 15 projects.

Envision Registered and Verified projects in the U.S.A. Map courtesy of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure

Our intent at Texas Sustainability, LLC is to work to ensure that far more infrastructure projects become more sustainable and resilience — and that they get certified as such, too.