Our Services

Texas Sustainability has two core competencies and a wealth of experience in these arenas: EDUCATION & CAPACITY BUILDING and SUSTAINABILITY ADVISORY SERVICES.

Education and Capacity Building

Defining sustainable infrastructure can be at once simple and complex. Our seasoned experts can assist you and your organization in understanding the tectonic shifts taking place in stakeholder values, public perception, legal and regulatory requirements and climate change — all of which add up to changes needs in the marketplace when planning, designing or updating existing infrastructure assets.

Infrastructure projects now need to ensure use of better material and include environmental considerations, social inclusion and climate change considerations. Engaging with affected communities, for example, needs to take place early on and on a regular basis.

We provide private and public sector executive training workshops and tailored courses. Our team has provided online webinars with attendees across a number of countries in the hemisphere and Europe. Our experienced speakers have addressed international conferences in more than three dozen countries across five continents on the topic of sustainability and resiliency. Please contact us at info@txsustainability.com for more information on how we may help your organization.

Sustainability Advisory Services

Prior to committing to ensuring elements of sustainability and resiliency are incorporated into an infrastructure project — let alone the commitment to have it certified as such — there is considerable value in having a sustainability assessment completed to see the complexity and requirements to achieve one of more of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals prescribed by the United Nations. It needs to be brought to its essence with a practical cost-benefit analysis.

As a first step, we help firms make use of the freely-available Envision Online Scoresheet, a guideline checklist that allows stakeholders to conduct an assessment of their project to begin to see the level of complexity that might be involved in certifying it as sustainable.

Our experts assist in project preparation and work closely advising which aspects of a project can get the most for the least cost. We guide private and public sector projects through the design and planning stages, working with developers and construction firms to ensure the guidelines are met — and ultimately achieve the award level (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze) that has been established as a goal.