Infrastructure is the foundation of development

We help investors, organizations and governments to ensure their infrastructure projects are designed and built incorporating sustainability and resiliency criteria.

We offer specialized services of sustainable solutions and sustainability design and project development and integration using the framework established by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure known as “Envision” that encourages systemic changes in the planning, design and delivery of sustainable and resilient infrastructure. This methodology has verified and certified $23 billion in projects around the world: airports, wind farms, subway lines, wastewater treatment plants, parks. Virtually any infrastructure project and be made more sustainable.

Envision supports higher performance through more sustainable choices in infrastructure development, recognizing resource constraints and the diversity of mandates, schedules, budget cycles and funding sources — which increasingly demand that their projects be demonstrably sustainable.

Getting a project to become certified includes addressing 64 sustainability and resiliency indicators which are organized around five categories: Quality of Life; Leadership; Resource Allocation; Natural World; and Climate and Resilience. These in turn come from the United Nation’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.

The United Nations 17 sustainable development goals

That’s why we help all those involved (investors, government agencies, construction companies, social organizations, NGO’s) to design, develop and deliver infrastructure projects that assure a more sustainable community and offer an adequate framework to perform at the local level. Their efforts and compromise would be recognized and well seen for the public, clients and taxpayers.

Texas Sustainability LLC, 2021

As we count with ENVISION Sustainability Professionals certified (ENV SP) we are able to implement:

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